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    Accelerated Flight Training Center

    AFT Center is an accredited FAA Pilot Training School under 14CFR Part 61 and 14CFR Part 141 Air Agency Certificate Number 5A3S136L. We offer ALL ratings and certificates in an accelerated format to individuals who require proficiency in their training but have a limited time frame to complete the training due to other commitments.

    Our approved Part 141 Career Pilot Program develops the student pilot from zero experience through to 250hrs and commercial pilot status. This is a structured syllabus that encompasses a classroom learning type experience along with flight and ground schooling. Applicants are enrolled into the program and graduate much like at college or university. All of the training undertaken is documented in the students training record and issued to the student upon graduation. (Read More About AFTC)

    There are many differences between AFT Center and its competitors. If your rating is time critical, and you feel you cannot put aside the time to come to us. Providing you have your own aircraft, we will travel to you. You can train in you own aircraft at your airport of choice.

    Fly across the United States. Our most popular cross-country course allows you to fly across the nation whilst receiving your flight instruction at the same time. Many aspects of the Instrument rating and the Commercial Pilot ratings can be completed on a long cross-country. This saves you time and money.

    We Guarantee the course for you.

    We are so confident in our ability to accurately assess your training needs. As a domestic student under part 61, if you do not pass your course, we pay for your additional training ourselves. All you have to pay for is your aircraft time and examiner fees. Also, any weather related delays would not be charged to you. AFTC will continue the training to make up for those days.

    We create safe pilots and proficient aviators. We guarantee you will become a safe and proficient IFR Pilot, capable to navigate the IFR System in actual conditions. We will expose you to actual IMC where available so that you can safely enjoy real weather.

    Many of our clients return for additional training. Over 50% of our business is through repeat and referrals. This is a testimony to the quality and care we put into our training at AFTC. In 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011and 2012 over 95% of our clients rated AFTC's training as "Superior" to any other flight-training provider. This is why we have obtained FAA accreditation.

    Each training package is individually designed for you the student. We understand that every pilot is unique and requires a program that is a perfect fit to their current ability and schedule. We will determine your individual needs in our initial consultation and do everything possible to meet and exceed your needs and expectations. Remember you are the integral piece of the course design.

    If you decide to train at our Long Beach, CA Flight School location, we have a fleet of over 15 new Cessna C172 with the state of the art G1000 EFIS avionics and 3 with the conventional panel. We also have a Cirrus SR22, Beech Duchess Multi-Engine Aircraft and a Full Motion Redbird Simulator with G1000 Panel.

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