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The AFTC commercial pilot rating courses are 6-day programs for obtaining a pilot rating in either a single engine or multi-engine aircraft, depending on the type of aircraft you wish to fly and the type of rating you want to obtain. This may depend on what you intend to do with your newfound skills!
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Our commercial rating course is designed to be a comprehensive flight-training program for students that can be fun, informative, comprehensive and completed in just 6 days. Because our programs involve intensive training over short periods rather than spread out over many months, most pilots find that our accelerated commercial pilot rating training allows them to learn faster and retain more of what they learn for longer periods because of the repetition of the
subject matter. After all, we learn better with practice!

Combine Flight Ratings...

Most of our pilots combine the commercial rating with the multi-engine rating. And, since the flight requirements for the commercial rating are much more stringent than a private or IFR rating, you will learn more and be a much more proficient and competent pilot upon completion of the course. By taking the multi engine and the commercial rating together, you can save a significant amount of time and money.

The commercial rating does require a written test. AFTC will give you comprehensive coaching and preparation to assist you with your written test, and, at no cost to you.

Remember that we can arrange for an aircraft for you, if you need one. If you have your own aircraft (That meets the FAA Complex Requirements), we can train you in your own aircraft, either at our airport or we can travel to you and train you at your home airport.

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