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IFR Flight Training - Instrument Flight Training

Our 10-Day and 7 Day Instrument Flight Training courses (IFR) are guaranteed.

We have a team of professional Flight Instructors who have an average of 8,000 flight hours each. These hours typically include many hours of accelerated IFR Flight Training. Over 70% of our instructors are Gold Seal awarded by the FAA. This means they have attained a level of proficiency that has allowed them to successfully have multiple students pass their flight tests first time.

"To become a competent, safe and proficient Aviator you must train with a seasoned professional"

"We appreciate your interest in AFTC. At Accelerated Flight Training Center, our programs are designed around you the busy pilot who wants to achieve his or her rating in a few short days, not months."

Let's face facts; we are all super busy these days. Our Home Life and Career dictate how much time we have available to pursue our dreams or goals.

The most experienced pilots in aviation teach our guaranteed 10-Day Instrument Course. If you can't travel to us, and you have your own aircraft, we will travel to you.

Our 10-DAY IFR COURSE is total immersion as commonly experienced in professional and military training. You can learn in the convenience of your hometown or travel to us at our Long Beach, CA facility where you can use our state of the art classrooms and full motion simulators. We teach you the practical side of flying IFR to ensure that you become a competent and safe IFR Rated pilot. All of our courses are designed to custom fit the busy schedule of professional men and women. We are also flexible should unforeseen circumstances occur in your regular training schedule. Like you we adapt and overcome.


Our Professional IFR Flight Training Course includes training in the following areas:

IFR Flight Training Cockpit
  • Approaches (ILS-VOR-GPS-DME)
  • ATC Communications
  • SID'S- DP's- Stars
  • Chart Interpretation
  • Weather Interpretation
  • IFR Aircraft Systems
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Flight Planning
  • Currency Requirements

Our GUARANTEED 7-DAY INSTRUMENT COURSE may be all you need if you have already started your IFR training at another facility.

Our 7-Day IFR course is designed to finish up pilots that have received prior instruction but have been unable to complete their IFR training. Many of our student pilots started elsewhere and come to us to complete their training. You will complete the same training as in our 10-day course but the prerequisites differ, as the training time is less.

At all times, your proficiency and safety in the IFR environment is our utmost goal. And, It must be fun too right?

Let's review the great benefits you will receive by choosing AFTC to help you achieve the FAA approved IFR Rating.

The average age of our instructors varies from 36 to 65 years. Our instructors average 8,000 hours each and 2,000 hours of instrument time. We will pair you with an instructor that is dedicated to you and your schedule. During your initial consultation, we will find out the best training schedule for you based upon your professional commitments and any prior experience you may have. We will then customize a program for you and GUARANTEE the days and the cost to you before you begin. We find that often we can customize a course less than 10 days and that in turn is a saving to you.

We Guarantee you will receive your IFR rating in the days contracted or we will pay for the additional Instruction hours.

Unlike many guaranteed courses, we will complete your rating as we promised. We finish what we start and you will become a safe, proficient IFR Pilot when you complete our course. Our syllabus is updated constantly to include all the new innovations in General Aviation. We address all of the most common IFR challenges you will meet in real life conditions. Safety and competence is always our goal for you.

If you do not have the availability of an aircraft, we can supply one for you. We have a fleet of over 15 new C172s with the G1000 panel and 4 with the conventional panel. We also offer a G1000 full motion Redbird simulator that allows you to obtain 20 hours of certified IFR training under Part 61, and 14hrs under part 141. Call us on the cost of aircraft and simulator.

Our program is not only convenient but also Cost-Effective

The national average to obtain your IFR rating is 68 hours. You will complete AFTC's course in 45 hours under part 61 and 40hrs under part 141. That is obviously a considerable saving on money and time. When you compare the time and cost spent on AFTC's Accelerated Program vs. conventional part 61 training that normally takes 4 or 5 months you will be amazed at the savings.


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